The team at Stoney River Hunting specialise in getting you into areas generally not available to the average hunter. These are typically back country private properties which offer truly free-range hunting opportunities where the animals are wild and free to roam the backcountry un-hindered by fences or genetic management plans. The properties offer truly back to basics, traditional and affordable hunting opportunities for those of you that enjoy putting a bit of work into hunting deer….

Our Central North Island property is Mokai Station which is located east of Taihape. This is a Red Deer and Rainbow trout hunting/fishing area which joins the Ruahine Ranges and boarders the Rangitikei and Whakaurekou Rivers.


Hunting options are split between the high-country tussock areas which run into the Ruahine Ranges and the lower native bush areas where the beech forest meats the main farmland areas.


Trips on offer range from 2 day meat hunts throughout most of the year and  3-5 day Roar Hunts over the Roar period in March/April each year where Trophy Stags will be specifically targeted up to 14/16 Point. Good quality hard Antler Trophy hunting available through to September each year.


Trout fishing options are available so look to mix some hunting in with some amazing trout fishing.


Further properties will be opened up over 2020 and 2021 in the Auckland, Whanganui River area and Southland.